Project Management

Project Management Training

Providing business managers and team leaders with skills in practical project management is an essential part of their personal development. Those who are equipped to develop, plan and deliver projects have a higher value to the organisation.

Any project management training delivered to those who are not professional or full time project managers should be carefully planned. Content needs to be appropriate to the role, type of projects being managed and existing experience.

Project Management for Business Managers

Based on the proven ‘Project Management Method’, this course can be delivered for businesses and organisations, at your premises or at external facilities. Ideal for groups from 6 to 20 participants, the course is ideal for those whose day job is not project management but who need help with conceiving, planning and delivering projects.

The standard course includes the following content:

  • Overview of projects and their management
  • Project lifecycle, basic tools and methodology
  • Project objectives, set-up and planning
  • Managing during project delivery and implementation
  • Management of risks, dependencies, issues and other factors
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Project wrap-up, hand over and review
  • Workshop sessions using practical examples

Attendees will complete the course with a tool kit which can be immediately put to use in their day job, confidently planning and delivering projects.

Bespoke Project Management Training

For companies who have a number of business managers who regularly manage projects, why not have a bespoke training course tailored to the experience levels of your people. The following steps are taken to ensure that the course is built around and delivered for your business and its managers:

  • Discovery sessions are held with a selection of your managers to discuss their intended projects, assess entry skills and discover what they would like to achieve with their project delivery.
  • I create a bespoke training module which will introduce the key points of project and stakeholder management, aimed at an audience of managers whose ‘day job’ is not project management.
  • The course is branded for your business.
  • I deliver the training session to your managers, focussing on the topics and areas of greatest need.
  • A follow up briefing with senior managers responsible for initiation of projects, if required.

Based on the findings of the discovery sessions, the content would be tailored for delivery of practical projects in your business environment and industry. Focus is on pragmatic help for planning and delivery rather than complex project management techniques.
Tim Lawson

About Tim Lawson

I have had over 20 years experience of managing projects and change programmes in various businesses. This has included time as both a board director, senior manager and consultant with responsibility for project and programme delivery. In addition to training delivery I have worked with organisations to set up project and programme management offices and methodologies.

My style is centred around implementing projects into businesses where pragmatism, clear communication and good stakeholder management are key to success.

To enquire or book either of the above packages, please make contact with Tim at